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Ultimate Guide to Vape when Hiking or Trekking

Hiking is one of the best recreational activities to exercise or for pleasure. It’s a great outdoor activity where you can enjoy the beautiful views of nature. It can also be a rewarding activity for people who vape, especially. However, when you participate in hiking and vaping at the same time, recommends a set of rules and understand what awaits you. Fortunately, in this article, we have a guide that will help you vape and hike at the same time.
Be discreet
Discretion is an essential rule to follow if you plan to hike …


Best Halifax Hikes

Halifax may be the largest city in Nova Scotia, but it has no shortage of places that you can hike. The province’s busiest place is very much in touch with nature. If you plan to visit there, you can try the best hike trails and seize the opportunity to admire and enjoy the variety of breathtaking landscapes.
1. Pennant Point Trail
Location: Peggy’s Cove Coastal Region Sambro Creek
Access: Approximately 40 …


Phone Apps For Hiking Outdoors

Plan to hike outdoors? Then it’s important to equip yourself with the right tools. Nowadays, some of the right tools are packaged into one simple app on the phone. Take a look at some of the best and most reliable phone apps used for hiking almost anywhere in the world: 
1. Gaia GPS
Platforms: Android, iOS
Cost: Basic = free; Membership = $19.99; Premium = $39.99


Nova Scotia Campgrounds

Nova Scotia has a number of great campgrounds. You can drive to any of them, get away from the stress of society, and spend weeks in peace and comfort. Some of them can be reached through a regular car where there are cottages or cabins to be rented. Some can also be accommodating to RVs. Here are a few of the best campgrounds in Nova Scotia. 
1. Meat Cove Campground
Description: Picturesque beach of Cape Breton Island 
Directions: …

Attractions & Fun

Great Outdoor

If you plan to stay and experience more of the southwest of Nova Scotia, why not try some outdoor activities? After all, you get fresh air and scenic views, making trails enjoyable. If you want to challenge yourself, you can even try the popular Harvest Moon Trail. 
The Harvest Moon Trail is a fun way of exploring the Annapolis Valley. It starts 5 km away from Upper Clements, at Annapolis Royal. The quaint town is filled with tradition and heritage such as the Historic Gardens and Fort Anne. Then, as you continue your trail along the Annapolis River, you’ll …

Attractions & Fun


Upper Clements serves as a perfect start to exploring the rest of Southwest Nova Scotia. Not only do you get to see and enjoy the beauty of Annapolis Valley, but you also have nearby attractions waiting to be discovered. 
Whether you like historical themes, scenic views, or fun-filled adventures, Nova Scotia has all of those. Here are some of the great attractions you can visit. 
Historical Attractions

Annapolis …

Attractions & Fun

Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia is a province of Canada located on the eastern edge peninsula of the mainland. Although it is the nation’s second smallest province, the tranquility is unmatched, and the scenery is incredibly satisfying.  
The climate can be breezy because it faces directly to the Atlantic Ocean. The largest city here is Halifax. Want to visit the best places in Nova Scotia? The following below can serve as a checklist for you.

Cabot Trail = coastal route …

RV Park

Upper Clements Amenities

Upper Clements is more than just sightseeing and a place for fresh air. Here, you can do fun and productive activities either alone or with your friends or family. Please note that you can use our amenities if you choose to avail our spots in the RV Park or stay in one of our cottages. Here are the things we offer: 
In-ground heated pool

Measures 20 feet by 40 feet 

RV Park

Upper Clements Cottages

If you are traveling without using an RV, you can avail the cozy cottages of Upper Clements. If you want to know more, here are things that we can provide.

7 updated, spacious 2-bedroom cottages with verandas
A scenic view of the Annapolis River and North Mountain
Temperature-controlled systems

RV Park

Upper Clements RV Parks

Looking for a place to park your RV and have a great time? Don’t worry, Upper Clements has you covered. We offer a peaceful place where you can enjoy the scenic spots on the Annapolis River and the attractions nearby. Our RV Park is spacious, so you don’t need to stress over parking allowance and your own privacy. 
The RV Park will be open from the first of May until the 31st of October only. If you are looking for more details about our RV Park, here is a list of the things we offer: