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Great Outdoor

If you plan to stay and experience more of the southwest of Nova Scotia, why not try some outdoor activities? After all, you get fresh air and scenic views, making trails enjoyable. If you want to challenge yourself, you can even try the popular Harvest Moon Trail. 

The Harvest Moon Trail is a fun way of exploring the Annapolis Valley. It starts 5 km away from Upper Clements, at Annapolis Royal. The quaint town is filled with tradition and heritage such as the Historic Gardens and Fort Anne. Then, as you continue your trail along the Annapolis River, you’ll pass over 2 railway bridges that are said to be impressive. 

Moving forward, you’ll get to the farm fields and apple orchards. Then, you’ll get to pass by Kentville and Wolfville, which are the 2 beautiful towns of Berwick. The Harvest Moon Trail ends in the Landscape of Grand Pré. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a memorial place of the Acadians, who are the 17th-century settlers of the region. 

If the trail is not yet enough, you can try the South Shore Annapolis Valley Trail. It is organized by a non-profit association. The trail consists of the route from the Harvest Moon Trail and continues further towards the South Shore. This means that you’ll be passing by Nictaux, Springfield, and Lunenburg County.